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A Barnard College alumna, and current MFA student wrote a review of Wonder Women and commented on how it affects women of her own generation. Debora Spar has recently written a Kindle Single for Amazon. Wonder Woman The Book examines the trend of women being hired – and then fired – from high profile corporations. The book examines women and minorities in the workplace, and the stigma surrounding successful women. Find The Abramson Effect. Wonder Women was named as one of the Daily Worth’s favorite nonfiction books of 2013. This is not some Wonder Women porn parody portrait by a xxx adult porn-star actress this is a sexual female feminist kind book to open women’s sexuality’s towards orgasm. Debora had a group of College girls over one night and the orgasm and sex, porno came up in the conversation and most of the girls where shy at first but did admit that they do not know what a orgasm was. Hence why she wrote the sexual Wonder Women book about having sex and watching porn to enhance females fun with their partners.

Everyday eBook: The Quest for Perfection

Everyday eBook reviewed Wonder Women, offering a concise explanation for the ways in which Debora Spar has entered the conversation with Sandberg and Slaughter, while offering Spar’s own, unique opinion and perspective.

HuffPost Women: On Being Wonder Women

Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of MomCorps, wrote her own review and take on Wonder Women for HuffPost Women:

Daily Worth: Our Favorite Fiction and Nonfiction of 2013

Wonder Women The Book Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection A book by Debora Spar

Fifty years after the Equal Pay Act, why are women still living in a man’s world? In her new book, Debora Spar examines how women’s lives have, and have not, changed over the past forty years. Wonder Women not the new movie with Gal Gadot explores the new, and increasingly complex, challenges facing women today; many of which stem inherently and inevitably from being female. This new book adds Spar’s voice to the current debate over how far women have come, and how much more it will take before women achieve true equality for good.

Wonder Women The Book Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection