Advance Praise

“Spar tackles – and dispels – the myth of perfection with intelligence and humor. Wonder Women is a terrific read.”
Sheryl Sandberg: COO of Facebook & author of the bestselling Lean In

“Debora Spar has done the impossible: written a fresh, thoughtful and engaging book on the role of women in today’s societies. In telling her own story she tells us where we’ve come from and where we must go next. A must read for every woman on the move in life.”
Tina Brown: Editor, Daily Beast

“Debora Spar has written a wonderful and wise meditation on women that draws on her own life experience, but also her deep intelligence as a scholar. She is a lively companion on an essential subject.”
Fareed Zakaria: Author, The Post-American World 2.0

Wonder Women is the book I’d give my daughter as a guide to navigating the challenges of being a woman in twenty-first century America. Spar’s is a wise, calm, eloquent voice, offering essential caution against the idea that anybody can live a life without tradeoffs and imperfections, but she does this without ever losing hold of the righteous passion of the feminist movement.”
Nicholas Lemann: Dean, Columbia Journalism School

“Debora Spar has written the right book at the right time. We really need a brave, well-written book about feminism by a woman who grew up thinking feminism was no longer needed. She touches on so many important issues – the connection between anorexia and women’s empowerment, the acceptance of the fact that women are fiercely intelligent yet chained to our bodily needs in a way most men never experience. I love the way she speaks of her most intimate history yet stands back to see her whole generation in her perspective – and mine. It’s a warm, humorous and lusty book and I think many readers will be grateful for it. I certainly am.”
Erica Jong: Author, Fear of Flying

Wonder Women is a refreshing and engaging reevaluation of the challenges facing women and feminism in contemporary America. With wit and historical insight, Debora Spar takes us through the female life cycle, exploding myths about “having it all” through personal stories, social science studies, and critiques of popular culture. Spar exposes the dead-end strategy of individual perfectionism and makes a strong case for a revival of politics of social responsibility to enhance both women’s opportunities and the care of families. A compelling read, this book should be required for young women, their parents, and their future employers.”
Estelle B. Freedman: Author, No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women, and Redefining Rape: Sexual Violence in the Era of Suffrage and Segregation