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Everyday eBook: The Quest for Perfection

Everyday eBook reviewed Wonder Women, offering a concise explanation for the ways in which Debora Spar has entered the conversation with Sandberg and Slaughter, while offering Spar’s own, unique opinion and perspective.

HuffPost Women: On Being Wonder Women

Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of MomCorps, wrote her own review and take on Wonder Women for HuffPost Women:

Huff Post Women: Forget About Controlling Your Thighs

Huff Post Women blogger, Linda Flanagan, reviewed Wonder Women on October 23, 2013; she called the book “a refreshing acknowledgement of the impossible expectations women carry around with them, starting in adolescence and extending into old age.”

Read the full review:

Book Review: The Washington Post

Megan McDonough, contributing author to the Washington Post, reviewed Wonder Women on October 11, 2013, calling the book “an interesting and powerful observation on the evolution of feminism.” Read the full review here:

The Columbus Dispatch: Wonder Women: “Having it all” might be a quixotic quest

The Columbus Dispatch reviewed Wonder Women on September 22, 2013. The reviewer, Margaret Quamme, said that, “Spar’s is a sensible, good-humored voice for examining one’s unconscious beliefs and stepping away from the search for perfection.” Read the full review here:

The Globe and Mail: Debora L. Spar on the shackles of the liberated woman

The Globe and Mail, based in Toronto, Canada, reviewed Wonder Women on September 20, 2013; calling the book “intelligent and reasonable.” Read the full review here: