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Washington Post: 2013 Books Every Leader Should Read

Wonder Women was named to the Washington Post’s list of “books every leader should read” in 2013.

The Rumpus: Wonder Women by Debora Spar

A Barnard College alumna, and current MFA student wrote a review of Wonder Women and commented on how it affects women of her own generation.

Daily Worth: Our Favorite Fiction and Nonfiction of 2013

Wonder Women was named as one of the Daily Worth’s favorite nonfiction books of 2013.

Everyday eBook: The Quest for Perfection

Everyday eBook reviewed Wonder Women, offering a concise explanation for the ways in which Debora Spar has entered the conversation with Sandberg and Slaughter, while offering Spar’s own, unique opinion and perspective.

HuffPost Women: On Being Wonder Women

Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of MomCorps, wrote her own review and take on Wonder Women for HuffPost Women:

Clayman Institute: Myth of the ‘Wonder Woman’ is holding women back

While on her book tour, Debora Spar spoke at the Clayman Institute at Stanford University. You can read the transcript of that interview, and watch the video, here:

Bloomberg: For Barnard’s Spar Breasts Symbolize Tough Choices

Zinta Lundborg, of Bloomberg News, sat down with Debora Spar to talk about decisions she has made throughout her career. Read the full interview here:

Harvard Business Review: What Men Can Do to Help Women Advance Their Careers

Debora Spar recently wrote a piece for the Harvard Business Review explaining what she thinks men can do to help women. Read her thoughts here:

Huff Post Women: Forget About Controlling Your Thighs

Huff Post Women blogger, Linda Flanagan, reviewed Wonder Women on October 23, 2013; she called the book “a refreshing acknowledgement of the impossible expectations women carry around with them, starting in adolescence and extending into old age.”

Read the full review:

Huffington Post: Fear of Failing

Debora Spar’s most recent post in her on-going series for the HuffPo College blogs.